What is Palliative Care?

Learn what defines palliative care for seniors in the Fresno area.

Palliative care is not about ending life, despite the fact your mother or father may have a debilitating disease, cancer, a failing organ, that is incurable but is livable until the end of life.  A palliative care team works like a group of detectives to observe the cues from your parent as to how they can make them more comfortable and provide them the opportunity to live out each day.  Like hospice and end of life care, no care program is seeking a cure, both are directed on the comfort of the patient, your loved one.

You also become important in this equation of living in comfort.  The team will include you in the palliative care and support you as you enjoy the time you now should spend with your mom or dad. With a growing aging population, palliative care is an ideal medical model.  Rather than relegating diagnosed senior citizens with terminal illnesses to bed, providing them with activities and a healthy lifestyle for many improves their status.  Palliative care experts will not be boastful to say that the positive approach to pain relief and providing the elderly an opportunity to live out their lives in comfort does not mean lying in bed day after day.  

End of life care and palliative care provide not only your parents the chance to live each day as if it’s their last, but families get the opportunity to live alongside them.  With pain levels controlled and the disease or illnesses being managed under this care, your mother or father seeks adventures in their manner.  And when the end nears, hospice is available to maintain their comfort until the end.  

To learn more about Comfort Keepers end of life care and learn how it differentiates itself from palliative care, visit here.


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