Alzheimer’s Care Services in Coarsegold, CA

Comfort Keepers in Coarsegold, CA offers personalized Alzheimer's Care to seniors

Alzheimer’s is a difficult and painful affliction to live with, both when it’s within oneself as well as when it’s your loved ones who are suffering from it. We fully understand the challenges and difficulties faced by the sufferers and their family members. But our Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s care services can helps make your senior loved one’s life as graceful, understandable, and dignified as possible throughout the course of the disease.

Coarsegold, CA Alzheimer’s Care

Our dedicated, specially-trained Comfort Keepers in Coarsegold, CA, are specialists in Alzheimer’s care. They are committed to making sure your senior loved one is as happy and independent as possible in their home for as long and as safely possible. That is their core mission, and they will do everything in their power to achieve it.

On the one hand, our Comfort Keepers will prepare and realize activities and routines that will help your senior loved one keep the further progression of Alzheimer’s at bay. This includes engaging in physical and mental activities that improve your loved one’s body and brain functions. It also means our trained Comfort Keepers make sure that your loved one eats a full, balanced diet and drinks enough water - things that some people living with Alzheimer's have trouble doing or remembering to do by themselves.

But it also means managing the disease at the stage it has reached. Alzheimer’s care includes learning about your loved – who is the real, loved senior who is bigger than the disease – and using that knowledge to help them help themselves.

This is expressed by, for example, our Comfort Keepers asking the senior about particular things in their life that they seem interested in or excited about. Or listening to music or doing activities connected to the times that they remember well, on a very deep level, such as viewing a family photo album, reading a favorite old book, as well as playing a musical instrument or listening to their favorite music from the past.

Studies have shown that musical therapy is a good and easy way to deal with Alzheimer’s gently and easily. The same goes for doing puzzles and crosswords, especially if your love seniors start doing them early on.

When it comes down to it, our Comfort Keepers are ideal companions and caregivers for your senior loved ones. They are trained, knowledgeable, and empathetic. With their expertise, they will help your loved ones face and deal with Alzheimer’s with dignity. Contact us for more information about Alzheimer’s care services, and how we can help you and your loved ones live a happy, dignified life!


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