Alzheimer's Care in Modesto, CA

Professional Alzheimer's care for your senior loved one.

Alzheimer's disease is an illness leading to the destruction of large numbers of nerve cells in the brain. Not only does this disrupt an individual's memory, lead to confusion, and impact a person's ability to perform a number of daily living tasks, but the disease also makes communication very difficult. There are numerous reasons for these communication challenges, and they get worse with each progressive stage of the disease. 

Alzheimer's Care in Modesto, CA

The first major challenge in Alzheimer's communication is memory loss. Not only will there be many moments when your loved one will simply not know what to say, but there will also be times that they do not remember what they have already said. Words may be right on the tip of their tongue or they may not be able to think of them at all. In fact, one of the first signs that your loved one may be suffering from Alzheimer's is the use of descriptive language instead of common terms, such as "the box with the shows on it" instead of saying "the television". While this may not seem like much at first, many family caregivers find the lack of communicative ease starts off okay but becomes incredibly frustrating, even angering, over time. It is very important to remember that it is the disease that is causing these emotions and not your loved one. Further, your loved one is every bit as troubled by the difficulty as you are. When impatience leads to outbursts directed at their loved one, many family caregivers realize that it is time to seek professional Alzheimer's care.


Professional Alzheimer's care is not a miracle treatment that can make your loved one start communicating the way they used to, but they can help. Not being tied to the emotions between family members, professional caregivers are able to be more patient – plus, they year of practice and experience. Part of Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's care support is not just working with your loved one, but it is showing family members tricks and techniques to reduce their stress and better communicate themselves.

Second, the deterioration of the brain impacts a person's ability to form words. This makes speech more difficult to understand. As with the inability to find words, this makes holding a conversation very difficult. Try to be sensitive to this situation and be aware that it is a sign of Alzheimer's stage progression, so additional support may soon be necessary. One of the great frustrations for people with Alzheimer's during this stage is when their loved ones start to fill in their sentences for them in order to "help them out". While assisting with words and phrases is a technique used to support communication, being too quick to do so leads to frustration. Many seniors simply quit trying to talk or communicate since they feel they will just be cut off or have words put in their mouth. Alzheimer's care professionals can work with family caregivers on finding the proper balance.

When a person's verbal communications deteriorate, a person with Alzheimer's may start to "communicate" in other ways.  Many times, caregivers interpret these behaviors as inappropriate responses to situations, meltdowns, or just assume that the behavior is a symptom of the disease. As verbal communications grow fewer, watch carefully for behavioral changes that may be your loved one's way of responding to loud noises, dealing with frustration over a misplaced item, needing to go to the bathroom, wanting to go outside, and so forth.

In short, there are many changes your loved one will go through in a short period of time. The loss of verbal communication is a big one. Never forget, that the most important piece of communication – the human touch and a caring presence, only appreciate in value.


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