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If your senior loved one has an age-related disability, is recovering from illness or injury, or has a prolonged or progressive illness, then they likely have difficulty with one or more daily living tasks. Daily living tasks include such things as doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, running errands, or even going to the bathroom, showering, grooming, or dressing. According to Forbes magazine, over 50 percent of seniors over the age of 65 require some level of support in order to accommodate their inability to perform these tasks. A study by the University of Michigan and the Urban Institute found that 75 percent of the seniors who receive care get that care from family or friends. The problems start when the care progresses beyond one or two daily living skills or starts to take up more time than family and friends can provide. According to AARP, this is when families start to have the discussion about nursing homes.

In Home Care in Modesto, CA

Professional in home care is an alternative to assisted living or a nursing home. Comfort Keepers, for example, provides highly trained, professional caregivers who are carefully matched to your loved one's unique needs. The caregivers come to your loved one's residence and assist with the daily living tasks your loved one needs help with. The amount of help provided depends entirely on your loved one's situation. Care can range from a mere 30 minutes a week to full-time, 24-hour care. Comfort Keepers interactive caregiving model ensures that seniors are active participants in their own care, thus benefitting from social, cognitive, and emotional stimulation and engagement as well.

In home caregivers do not need to swarm in and take over. Many times, a caregiver will simply come alongside family members who need a hand with one or more tasks that have become overwhelming. Sometimes, it is a safety concern, such as lifting, moving, or supporting a loved one who is too heavy for them to move or support on their own. Of course, if family caregivers need a break, in home care providers can also be called on to provide an in-home respite break.

Comfort Keepers goes beyond the traditional in home care and also offers specialized care such as customized Alzheimer's and dementia support, transition assistance (hospital to home), end of life care, and some locations also even offer private duty nursing support.

In short, if your loved one needs a caregiver while family members are out of town, needs occasional transportation to social venues, errands, or medical appointments, or requires additional assistance during the night or on weekends, Comfort Keepers has the solution they need. Research shows that recovering from a sickness or injury in the comfort and convenience of the home has many benefits. With in home care, it is possible for your loved one to receive their care in the home, even when it becomes too much for family or friends to handle alone.


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