Respite Care in Modesto, CA

Learn more about our supportive respite care and how it assists seniors and family caregivers.

When a senior requires care to safely live in their own home, family members need to make a decision about their care. The vast majority of seniors desire to remain in their own home despite the challenges they may face, which makes any discussion about moving to an assisted living community or nursing home quite unpopular. Most often, the result, either by true compassion or default, is that a family member takes responsibility for their loved one's care and/or supervision.


While caring for a loved one has many rewards, it can also be quite challenging. In fact, family caregivers face twice the rate of chronic illness and depression as non-caregivers. Most also deal with chronic fatigue, irritability, and social isolation. Even with these obstacles to quality care, most family caregivers have no desire to stop. Sometimes, caregivers feel guilty, other times they worry about the health and safety of their loved one if they are not there, and still others have provided care for so long that it has become a major component of their identity.

Respite Care in Modesto, CA

Respite care provides a way for family caregivers to take a short break without worrying about guilt or safety. By definition, a respite break is a short break in care (less than five consecutive days) so that family caregivers can take the time to deal with personal matters. As AARP notes, "Respite care can meet a broad range of situations. It could be something you take advantage of once a week in order to buy groceries, or it could be something you rely on once a year while you take a vacation."


While there are not any specific requirements for taking respite breaks, there are some fairly standard reasons caregivers take advantage of them. Some of the most common include:

  • Sleep. Family caregivers are notoriously fatigued.
  • Medical Appointments. Far too often a caregiver's health is overlooked. Respite breaks allow family members to keep up with their own health and well-being.
  • Finding Support. Many times family caregivers find themselves in over their heads, especially when it comes to the long-term care associated with specific degenerative or progressive ailments. Support groups and classes are a great way to get ideas and find catharsis.
  • Exercise. One of the most effective ways for humans to release stress, increase heart health, and maintain overall fitness is through regular exercise. The word "regular" may be stretched a little bit for most family caregivers, but by taking advantage of regular respite care, at least a routine can be established.
  • Socialization. Family caregivers often find themselves isolated. Many feel as if they haven't seen their friends or other family members for ages. Taking advantage of regular respite breaks allows caregivers to reinvigorate their social life, which is critical for positive emotional health.


In short, tens of millions of American seniors receive care from tens of millions of family caregivers each and every year. Sadly, much of this care is not as excellent as it could be since caregivers are tired, fatigued, and burned out. The good news is that by taking advantage of regular respite breaks, family caregivers can stay fresh, healthy, and on top of their game. This is not just great for the caregivers, but for the seniors receiving this better quality care. 


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