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In Home Elder Care Can Help With Allergies

Jun 22, 2017 by Sandra Hatch

Seasonal allergies are rough for millions of people, but they can be especially difficult for seniors to live with. That’s because as many as half of all seniors over the age of 74 struggle with some type of respiratory disease. For seniors who already have problems breathing the tight scratchy throat and congestion that goes along with seasonal allergies can be hard to deal with.

Seasonal allergy medications are also not very good for seniors. The usual treatment for seasonal allergies is antihistamines. Antihistamines block the body’s response to allergens. But antihistamines can be very dangerous for seniors. They may interact badly with medications that the senior is already taking. They also have side effects that can be dangerous for seniors like dizziness, sleepiness, and dry mouth and throat. Some seniors may have severe mood swings when they are taking antihistamines.

In home elderly care is a great solution for a loved one that struggles with seasonal allergies but also has a respiratory problem. A caregiver will make sure that your senior loved one gets the right medication for seasonal allergies. A home health aide can also provide support in other ways.

In Home Elder Care Benefits

Allergens are everywhere in the home. If your senior loved one is struggling to control their allergies then doing household chores like sweeping, dusting, and outdoor work are the worst things that they could do. But those chores still need to get done. In home elder care workers can take care of all of those household chores for your loved one.

 When a home care giver cleans the house it will get rid of the allergens indoors that could be making your loved one miserable. And caregivers can also find lawn care providers to take care of mowing the lawn, weeding, and trimming. Keeping the house clean and allergen free is essential to your loved one’s health. Let a home health care provider help your loved one stay healthy this allergy season.

A home care worker can also run errands and shop for your loved one so that they don’t need to go outside in the heat and risk an allergy attack when seasonal allergens are heavy in the air.

Find Out More About In Home Elder Care

Talk with one of our customer service staff today to find out more about how in home elder care can protect your senior loved one from seasonal allergy suffering.

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