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Elderly Home Care Professionals Recommend Gardening in Fresno, CA!

Apr 13, 2018 by Sandra Hatch

Your local elderly home care professionals - Comfort Keepers of Fresno, CA discuss how gardening can keep your senior loved one active and engaged. 

The Many Benefits Of Senior Gardening
Now that the spring has finally ushered winter out of our midst, many seniors are taking advantage of the warmer weather by gardening. In addition to providing older adults with plants and fresh produce, gardening can offer a variety of other benefits. Our elderly home care professionals discuss some of these benefits below!

A Sense of Accomplishment
Aging can lead to a diminished sense of accomplishment. Gardening is a great way to provide older adults with something they can easily accomplish. Older adults can feel fulfilled and accomplished by creating their own garden. An elderly home care provider can help seniors learn more about gardening by accompanying them to the library or helping them locate gardening websites online. 

When senior citizens garden, they engage in the exercise that can help them manage their weight, improve flexibility, strengthen their heart and lungs, and promote muscle movement.

Increased Exposure to Vitamin D
Gardening gives seniors increased exposure to vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for older adults because it can help prevent falls and fractures, help maintain mobility and independence, and help decrease the risk of heart issues, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

A New Skill or Hobby
Older adults who have never gardened before can gain a new skill and hobby. There is much to learn - from plant types to best practices in gardening. Many seniors may become gardening experts in no time! 

Reduced Stress
Older adults often experience stress due to financial struggles, health challenges, and the loss of loved ones. Gardening can reduce their stress levels and help them avoid loneliness and depression by relaxing them in a peaceful outdoor environment.

Reduced Risk of Dementia
Seniors who would like to reduce their risk of dementia should garden on a regular basis. Gardening can improve problem-solving and sensory awareness to keep the brain in tip-top shape.

Safety Tips For Gardening Seniors
Fresh air and sunshine can do anyone some good. However, there is too much of a good thing!  Seniors that partake in gardening should always wear sunscreen and a hat. They should also garden either early in the morning or in the evening when the sun isn’t at its peak. An elderly home care provider can help seniors garden safely while enjoying the nice weather. 

If you have a loved one in Fresno, CA that loves to garden or is excited to try gardening this year an elderly home care provider is a great resource that can help your loved one pursue their interest in gardening. Call us today to find out more about in home care for seniors. 

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