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How a Home Health Aide Can Recognize Stroke Symptoms

May 8, 2018 by Sandra Hatch

Our home health aide agency operates in Fresno, CA, amongst many other parts of the United States. To play our part in the American Stroke Awareness Month, we have decided to share our methods for recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke.

The reason why it’s extremely important to spot the symptoms of stroke on time is that it can save the life of the patient. It’s because the stroke is a condition that happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off. The longer the brain stays without a fresh blood inflow, the more severe the consequences will be.

Speaking of the consequences, in the worst-case scenario, a stroke causes death. But, even the mildest strokes aren’t harmless. On the contrary, they can leave such consequences as blindness, limb paralysis, speech problems, and so on.

All of this means that spotting the signs of stroke is of utmost importance. The problem is that not all home health aide providers are trained to be able to do that. This is why we require our caregivers to learn how to spot the stroke symptoms. To make it easier to remember those signs, our home health aide agency is using the so-called FAST test.

This method is very appropriately named, as FAST stands for the following:

Face – The caregiver needs to ask the senior client to smile. If a stroke is happening, the senior won’t be able to smile properly.

Arms – The senior should also be asked to lift their arms up in the air. If they can’t do it with one of their arms, it might be a sign that a stroke is ongoing.

Speech – If the senior can’t speak properly, the caregivers will know that something is wrong.

Time – If one or all of the aforementioned symptoms are spotted, it’s time to call the emergency.

 If a senior in the family needs help with daily living tasks, home care may be the right choice. Contact our office serving Fresno, CA to learn more about our senior care services.


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