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Home Care Professionals Share their Ideas on Improving Seniors' Driving Safety

Aug 3, 2018 by Sandra Hatch

The feeling of freedom and independence that driving a car brings does not diminish as people get older. Unfortunately, things like eyesight and hearing do diminish, which is why driving becomes a pretty dangerous activity for the people in their autumn years.

Home care providers from Comfort Keepers of Fresno, CA believe there are some ways to improve the driving safety of seniors. Here are some of their tips:

  • Regular medical checkups – Your senior needs to have their eyes checked on a regular basis. Of course, that goes without saying, but the senior should also do a checkup of many other things, including their hearing, for example.
  • Moderate physical activity – If the senior has a limited range of limb motion, they will struggle a lot while driving. Furthermore, they might also not be able to react quickly due to muscle and joint problems, which can cause them to crash. A way to prevent this is by exercising regularly. Light aerobic activity in combination with stretching exercises seems like a perfect combo.
  • Car improvements – These days, there are many modern devices that can make driving safer and easier for the seniors. For example, installing a rear-view camera could help them with parking their car.
  • Make use of modern software – Your senior can plan their route ahead, thus making sure they will avoid traffic and road work. They can do this by using Google Maps on their computer or smartphone.

The final advice is to explain your senior all the advantages of not-driving. Instead of being focused on the road ahead, they can have someone else drive the car, while they’re enjoying the view from the comfy back seat.

If you won’t be able to drive your senior whenever they need transportation, hiring a professional home care provider would solve that problem. Comfort Keepers from Fresno stand at your disposal, yours is just to call them!

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