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Poetry's Powerful Effect on Seniors with Alzheimer's

Sep 25, 2018 by Sandra Hatch

Recent studies have shown that poetry has a good impact on the brain health of the seniors. It is suggested that it can slow down the symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and many other cognitive issues. The best thing is that poetry helps not only the seniors who write it but also those who read it.

Benefits of Poetry Writing

  • Stress relief – Writing poetry requires the seniors to stay focus on the work, which can distract them from everyday problems.
  • Creativity – Writing poetry means unleashing their creativity, which can awake emotional memories that have been dormant for ages. On top of that, being creative means that there’s no room for boredom.

Benefits of Reading Poetry

  • Memory – Reading poetry is proven to do well for the memory. What it basically does is that it provides a sort of brain workout which is essential for maintaining cognitive health.
  • Calming effect – The effect produced by reading poetry is often very calming, which is why it’s recommended especially for those seniors who have some stress-related problems.

How Can Comfort Keepers Help with This?

Comfort Keepers is a senior comfort care agency dedicated to helping the aged live happy fulfilling lives. One of the services they offer is companion care. What this involves is in-home comfort care provided by trained caregivers whose job is not just to provide the seniors with companionship but, if possible, become their friends.

The comfort care providers have the knowledge about everything related to caregiving, including the things related to boosting the brain health of the seniors. What this means is that they can introduce the seniors to the world of poetry, reading it to them and encouraging them to get creative.

If his sounds good to you, you can hire a comfort care provider right away by getting in contact with Comfort Keepers. Their phone number in Fresno, CA is (559) 365-6440.

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